Iceland’s Into the Glacier: Total Cheese but Why You Might Want to Go Anyway

As a family who prides ourselves on going OFF the beaten path, taking a large group tour in a place like Iceland seems tantamount to sacrilege. I mean, one of the greatest things about traveling to Iceland is that in some areas, you can literally go 50 miles without seeing another car. So the idea of sharing a giant bus with 100 strangers just to be shuffled along a man-made marvel seems ludicrous.
On the SuperBus
McLean and his mama preparing for the looooong drive into the glacier.
So why is Into the Glacier worth it? Basically because you get to traverse (albeit via a modified super-bus) the Langjokull Glacier-a destination that is generally difficult to get to in the summer and impossible to access without professional help in the winter.
Being far out on the glacier, however touristy, is seriously cool. Even with the crowds of people, you can truly appreciate the large expanse of snow and ice and it’s honestly humbling. I am glad that we did the trip for that sole reason.
The wide expansive landscape on Langjokull Glacier is gorgeous.
It’s difficult if not impossible access this area of Langjokull Glacier during the winter months without a guide.
The glacier tunnels themselves are NOTHING compared to natural ice caves, the purpose of the cave (beyond simply being an attraction) is unclear and the trip getting to the glacier is longer than your time in the tunnels.
Map of the Glacier
Originally supposed to be a ring, the glacial tunnel is carved into a heart by accident.
You will get some great photo ops and if you have kiddos, they will like the little ice-cleats you get to wear to prevent slippage in the tunnels. BUT if you have only one ice experience to do, I highly recommend hiring a private guide through LOCAL GUIDES and have them take you into a naturally occurring ice cave (note that this may only be possible in the late fall-early spring months).
Inside the Glacier
Super cool lighting effects inside the Glacier make for nifty photos.

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